Waves in a bay on a cloudy summer day

Free stock footage: Waves in a bay on a cloudy day

Free 4K nature stock footage of ocean waves splashing around and crashing against the shore on a cloudy and windy day, in the middle of the summer in Northern Norway. There is a tiny bit of camera movement in this clip, due to the strong winds in the area. This ocean nature stock footage was filmed with an Osmo Action camera

Unedited free stock footage under the Creative Commons Zero license that you can color correct and grade to your satisfaction. You can use this free footage for playing around with in video editing software, use it on your websites, advertising campaigns, social media, video sharing sites and so on, for both commercial and personal use. A link to Nature Stock Videos on a spot related to where you use the videos is appreciated, but not required. New free stock videos are uploaded frequently, so be sure to subscribe to the YouTube Channel to stay updated

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Flying away from a mountain waterfall

Footage taken with a Mavic 2 Pro drone flying away from a tall waterfall falling off a cliff in the snowy mountains. Another river is coming from the left, from the snow melting in the sun

Free stock footage: Green coastline on a summer day

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