Free nature stock footage

Free nature stock footage for your video projects

Here you can find and download free nature stock footage in 4K resolution for your video projects. The videos are hosted on fast premium MediaFire servers, so that you can download them directly from this website with one click. These stock videos are also great for playing around with while trying to learn video editing, be it just simple color correcting, or more advanced like color grading and using LUTS. You are free to use these videos for whatever you want, like posting on social media sites, using them on YouTube videos or for advertising campaigns, for both personal and commercial use. You will find the Creative Commons licenses for the videos on the download pages, along with full file information, like codec type, file size and so on. Be sure to bookmark Nature Stock Videos and check back frequently for new videos to download

Free stock footage of waterfalls

Free stock footage: WaterfallsWaterfalls always look good in videos or movies related to nature. In the waterfall stock footage section you can download lots of free 4K footage of beautiful waterfalls, both aerial and ground footage from various seasons. Waterfall footage contains much movement, which is great to play around with while learning how to use video editors. Be sure to check out this section frequently for new free nature videos

Free stock footage of forests

Free stock footage: ForestsIf you need any footage of forests for your video projects, then head on over to the forest stock footage section and see what’s available for download there. Here you can get aerial and ground footage, as well as hiking footage of forests in various seasons of the year. From bare winter forests too full blown dense green summer forests. And as with all sections of this site, the footage is in 4K resolution and free to download

Free stock footage of rivers

Free stock footage: RiversThis section is the one that is most frequently updated with nature stock footage, as there are numerous of beautiful rivers I stumble upon when I’m out hiking with all my cameras stashed in the backpack, plus each river can have plenty of different locations to shoot. If you have some video projects going on that needs flowing water, then visit the river stock footage section and see if you find something there to download

Free stock footage of mountains

Free stock footage: MountainsThis is where you can grab some mountain footage, however, this section is not as frequently updated as the other sections. There are more mountains around here than I could possibly hike in a lifetime, but since it actually requires hiking up a mountain with all my gear, footage of mountains will be more rare than other categories. Check out the mountain stock footage section and see what’s available at this moment thou

Free stock footage of the ocean

Free stock footage: OceanThe ocean stock footage section is where all the nature videos I have taken on my hikes along the shore are stashed. As with all the other stock footage sections on this site, it will fill up nicely as time passes, so be sure to visit Nature Stock Videos frequently to catch the latest updates. The ocean stock footage section contains ground shots and shots filmed with a drone of the sea in all kinds of weather, through all seasons

Free stock footage of beaches

Free stock footage: Beaches
This is where all the beach videos that I have filmed around the shores of Northern Norway is located. If you got a video project or some advertising going on where you need some high quality 4K beach footage that isn’t tropical, then maybe you will find something that fits here. This section is usually updated during the summer season, when the weather is nice and sunny. This section contains both aerial and ground videos

Free stock footage of lakes

Free stock footage: LakesCalm gorgeous lakes casting reflections of the surrounding nature can make anything look good. In the lake stock footage section you will find all the lakes I have filmed on my hikes during the spring, summer and autumn season. Since the water is frozen during the winter, there won’t be any visible lakes to make videos of unfortually. There are lots of lakes around here to shoot, so this section updates often with new footage

Random free stock footage

Free stock footage: RandomThe last section on this site is the random stock footage part. This is where I upload everything i stumble upon where nature landscape isn’t the main focus. This can be man made objects like buildings, structures, bridges, old car wrecks in the nature like the picture above, and so on. Take a look at what it contains now, and see if you find something useful for your videos. Now let’s take a look at other free stock footage sites