Category: Forest Stock Footage

Aerial view of autumn forests pack

Free nature stock footage pack of a drone flying above autumn-colored forests at various locations. This pack contains 4 sequences, each lasting for 30 seconds

Wind rustling leaves on the trees

Path leading into the forest, while wind is rustling the leaves on the trees. Still summer, however late in the season, and some of the leaves are already starting to change colors

Wind in the trees on a cloudy day

Green trees being shaken by the wind, while dark grey clouds are floating in the background of the video. Free nature video that you can use for your projects where you need wind effects

Steep rock formation in the green forest

Aerial nature stock footage of steep tall rock formations sticking out of the ground, in the dense green forest. Drone flying slowly upwards with the rock formation in the center

River flowing in the green forest

Footage of a shallow river flowing gently through the green summer forest. Trees and vegetation stands in front of the camera as a frame for the river. Filmed with a Mavic 2 Pro

Flying over dense green forests

Free aerial stock video taken with a drone flying over green forest on a forecast day. This pack contains 3 sequences from the same location, filmed in various angles and speeds

Wind blowing in the summer forest

Free stock footage of a hiking path in the green summer forest on a sunny day. The wind is rustling the grass and the leaves in the forest. This footage was taken with an Osmo Action cam

Walking in a dense green spring forest

Walking in a dense green forest on a spring day. Green grass covering the old forest road, while the trees have yet to fully bloom. Clip you can use for projects that involves hiking

Walking along a narrow path in the forest

Free nature stock footage of me filming while walking down a narrow path in the green forest on a sunny spring day. Some shadows here and there from the trees wich is still in bloom

Aerial view of a green forest landscape

Free aerial footage of a beautiful green forest landscape on a clear and sunny day late in the spring, with a river running through the forest and steep mountain cliffs in the background

River flowing in the green spring forest

Free nature stock footage of a river flowing down the green spring forest on a nice and sunny day. The leaves on the trees are allmost fully sprung as summer approaches quickly